The legendary SGG. Our best-selling oar.

Like all Cataract Oars shafts, the SGG is filament wound from high-grade composite materials. In this case, from a specific fiberglass and carbon fiber blend that our engineers developed for its combination of toughness, flexibility and resilience. Designed to flex like wood at a fraction of wood’s weight—and without the maintenance issues associated with wood—the SGG provides efficient transfer of your muscle energy into stroke power. Whether you’re rowing a drift boat, a cataraft or a big raft, you’ll feel the difference, especially in serious whitewater. These oars are practically indestructible, with more than twice the breaking strength of aluminum at only sixty percent of aluminum’s weight. The Cataract Oars SGG oar is ideal for most water conditions, boat sizes and rowers. Perfect for drift-boating, rafting or shooting big whitewater. You’ve gotta experience this oar to believe it.

Choosing the right SGG oar setup.

The SGG oar has a replaceable grip and features a glossy, low-maintenance urethane finish. We make it in seven different colors: black, blue, yellow, red, white, green and mocha. We offer it with or without a rope wrap. SGG’s shaft diameter is 1 7/8” without the optional rope wrap and 2 1/4” with the rope wrap. Cataract Oars makes the SGG oar in six standard lengths (the following lengths represent the complete oar with handle and blade): 8′, 8.5′, 9′, 9.5′, 10′ and 11′. If you wish for custom oar lengths, we can easily accomodate that wish. For handle options, you can choose between a rubber composite handle, an alder handle, a four-pound counterbalanced handle, or Cataract Oars’ H2O interchangeable counterbalance handle system. Blade-wise, the SGG oar shaft can be paired with any of the four Cataract Oars blade offerings: the Magnum II, Razor, Cataract, or Cutthroat blade. The Cutthroat oar blade is the most recently developed of the Cataract Oars blade lineup, and features an asymmetric shape for great water displacement in shallow water conditions.

SGG oars are available in a two-piece configuration.

If you need your SGG oars in a compact size, consider paying the extra sixty bucks for the breakdown oar shaft option. It cuts the length of your oars in half. Literally.