While our SGG oar will work in almost all conditions, the SGX is crafted for those brutal runs that really torture your oars. Under moderate river conditions, many rowers prefer the flex and rebound of the SGG. In truly belligerent waters, however, most river rats find SGG oars a bit too pliant. 33% stiffer than the SGG, the SGX oar resists major displacement by those massive whitewater surges and provides instant response and precision when it matters most.

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Shaft Material- Fiberglass, Carbon fiber – 33% Stiffer than SGG Oars

Shaft Diameter- 1 7/8”, 2 1/4” with rope wrap

Weight: 4lbs

Warranty: 1 year

*Available with Rope Wrap


Shaft Overall Length – including blade (sold separate)
*62” 8’
*68” 8.5’
*74” 9’
*80” 9.5’
86” 10’
98” 11’

*custom lengths available upon request


Cataract Oars Blue Oar ShaftIce Blue


Other Oar HandlesH20 Product Description

The ultimate in whitewater oar versatility.

The most convenient, innovative counterbalance oar system on the market, the H2O handle system is ideal for anyone who wants a counterbalanced oar that can easily be converted to a non-counterbalanced oar, without bulky weighted sleeves.

When you order the H2O Counterbalance System to accompany your new set of Cataract Oars, you receive four handles, or two handles per oar: an internally-weighted handle and a regular handle. The system includes two 4″ neoprene rubber sleeves (one per oar), a hex key and six hardened stainless steel screws (three per oar). The hardened screws keep your handle securely fastened into its shaft, while the neoprene sleeve keeps grit and grime out of the screw areas.


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