Oars Storage Bag

$99.99 Tax




Tired of trekking over hillsides and through brush with an armful of unwieldy oars? Take heart—the Portage and Storage bag is the answer. This roomy bag can carry three oars and three blades with room to spare. Just sling it over your shoulder and head out through the bush. Use both hands for scrambling or carrying your raft. In any case, life—and river rafting—just got a whole lot easier.

Protect your oar shafts and blades from weather.As we all know, direct sunlight, prolonged, will degrade the surface of just about anything, including Cataract Oars (don’t worry: they’re easily refinished). When your oars are not in use, hide them from destructive rays by zipping them in this bag. Its heavy canvas construction will shield them.