The Cutthroat oar blade lets you say goodbye to those short, choppy strokes. No more scraping away at gravel bars with your blade tips.  We gave the Cutthroat blade its scooped shape so that you can avoid such annoyances and concentrate on what lies ahead.  Greater submerged oar blade surface area allows for maximum propulsion in low water conditions. The asymmetrical shape is especially popular with fishermen maneuvering in late-season streams, when water is low but the fish still bite.  With the Cutthroat shallow water blade, you’ll be able to put your boat exactly where you want it. And keep it there!

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2 reviews for Cutthroat

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rowed my driftboat and skiff with Cataract Oars and Magnum Blades for 15 years. Then, like many, went with the “other” asymmetric oars for a few years. They were light but the blades did not float, made me wary every time I let go of an oar. This year, I switched back to Cataract Oars solely for the Cutthroat Blade. Love it. Pulls a lot of water and they don’t sink so they’re not as dangerous when you have to let go of an oar to net a fish. I’m getting used to the mass of the Cataract counter balance again. Great oar, outstanding blade. Cataract hit a home run with these new Cutthroat Blades. Thank you Cataract. -Mike B., Hyde Drift Boats Pro Staff, Montana

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amazing. I’ve been a Sawyer Square Top guy for years and though they will still serve a place in my lineup, I needed a more versatile option for the ever changing water conditions on the Gunnison River. The Cutthroat Blade from Cataract was the main reason I decided to switch my rowing set up. After a conversation with the fine folks at Down River Equipment in Denver, I decided that I needed to make the switch. Got a chance to get the first run of the season yesterday and these blades performs greatly with my new Cataract SGG oars. I could really tell a big difference with maneuvering through tighter water pockets and the control I was able to maintain. The blades seem to really scoop for bigger water yet they are nimble and light enough in the shallower water. I’m excited and finally relieved to be able to confidently row now in all water conditions. -Alex (Down River Equipment Ambassador, Colorado)

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