How to Refinish Cataract Oars

How do I refinish my Cataract Oars SGG, SGX or X-Wound oar shafts? Yes, even though Cataract Oars uses an ultra-tough, proprietary marine urethane system on our shafts, they may eventually need to be refinished. Fortunately, they’re easy to recoat. For a quick refinishing of your Cataract oars, follow the instructions below. Recoating Cataract oar shafts: the process. All you’ve gotta do is scuff the oar shaft surface witha red ScotchBrite pad, clean the surface, dry and coat with 2-3 coats of Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane (Clear Gloss). It’s a matter of minutes and a few dollars. Now you know the answer to keeping the finish on your Cataract oars looking like new. Minwax spar urethane is sold at most hardware or … Continue reading How to Refinish Cataract Oars