Cataract Oars videos of whitewater fun.

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Many thanks to our river rafting friends and contributors.

Dylan Holt and Friends Brave Wildfire to Raft Main Fork of the Salmon River; music by Kopeika.

Fun On the Futaleufu, produced by Jacob Andra, camera work by Humberto Reyes.


The River Knows: Cataract Oars video, produced by Dylan Holt.

Another Day in the Office, by Isabel Margarita Delgado Martinez and Humberto Reyes 

Fun on the river with Cataract Oars: 2015 Cataract Oars video produced by Dylan Holt. 

Harp Falls, Gates of Lodore on the Green River from Timothy Burdick on Vimeo.

High Water Moonshine Rapid on the Green River in Slo Mo from Timothy Burdick on Vimeo.

Triplet Falls high water Gates of Lodore July 13 2011 from Timothy Burdick on Vimeo.

A couple short introductions to the filament winding process by which Advanced Composites Inc. makes Cataract Oars.