The perfect push pole. Cataract Oars carbon fiber composite Stealth Stick push pole

You use this mammoth pole to push your boat along in a clandestine manner. Sneaky-like. For example, when you want to creep up on a fish. Or an alligator, although we can't advise the latter. It (the Stealth Stick, not the alligator) breaks down into two pieces for easy transport.


 The Stealth Stick™ is a  two-piece, 12’ length push pole that makes an excellent and long-lasting addition to the equipment arsenal of any fisherman, fisherwoman, fisherperson or outdoors enthusiast.

Rugged push pole composite construction.

The Stealth Stick™ is a filament wound structure made from continuous carbon/E-glass fiber rovings and a heat cured epoxy resin matrix. It is a lightweight push pole that feels great in the hands and offers a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio that boaters will certainly appreciate. The unique threaded connection is a secure, stable and easy-to-use twist-tight fitting that eliminates play and noise at the critical joint. The Stealth Stick™ push pole comes standard with molded foot and point ends that have been bonded into the two push pole sections.

Stealth Stick push pole and SUP fishing.

Stand up paddleboard (SUP) fishing is the hot new thing, pioneered by such outfitters as SUP ON THE FLY. Fishing from a SUP can take you places inaccessible by boat, placing you right where the fish are. Using the Stealth Stick push pole, you can approach with a minimum of water disturbance. Like an inflatable SUP, the Stealth Stick push pole breaks down for easy transport. Whether you're flying internationally or packing the trunk of your car, the SUP/Stealth Stick combo makes a convenient mobile fishing system that is effective under a variety of water conditions.composite cataract oars stealth stick push pole in yucatan fishing sup expedition 2