Rubber oar stop for Mini Magnum oars.

Help your Mini Magnum oars stay in place. No more slipping sliding through the oar locks.

Black rubber oar stops for Cataract Oars composite oar shafts

Designed for rope-wrapped oars.

When you order your Mini Magnum oars with the optional rope wrap, opt for the oar stops, which slide up and over the rope wrap for a snug fit. You can customize the oar stop's final resting place to match your individual rowing profile, extending or reducing the in-boat reach of your oar handles. For more info on oar stop installation, see our page on how to install an oar stop.

But what if my Mini Magnum oars don't have the rope wrap?

Well, if your Mini Magnum oars lack the rope wrap, yet you still want the oar stops, you've got a couple options. The most obvious one: send your oars in to get a rope wrap. If you're trying to avoid that, your second option is to purchase our small molded plastic oar sleeves. They'll take the place of the rope wrap. Then, get our adjustable plastic oar stops and clamp 'em over the oar sleeves. There—all set!