Black plastic oar stop for Cataract Oars composite oar shaftsA plastic oar stop for Mini Magnum oars.

This oar stop clamps onto your Mini Magnum oar shaft and seats against the oar lock for a more stable rowing experience. This oar stop will fit rope wrapped or bare Mini Magnum oars.

The adjustable oar stop that gives you options.

With its two bolts, this plastic oar stop will contract and expand for a range of oar shaft diameters. A range that includes a rope-wrapped Mini Magnum oar, a bare oar shaft, or a Mini Magnum that is protected by our Mini Magnum plastic oar sleeve.

If I don't have rope wrap, should I clamp this onto my oar shaft?

While that is certainly an option, the plastic oar sleeve will protect the oar finish from chafing.