Extend your oar.

Have you ever wished your oars could be a little longer? Maybe you're rowing a friend's raft, dory or drift boat. You're larger of frame than he, so his oars angle down too sharply and are a flat-out pain to row. Or, perhaps you're the smaller one, and your hulking friend is complaining that your oars feel like stubs. In either scenario, the ultimate solution is here, from Cataract Oars. Oar extensions. They're a thing of beauty. Not only do they make your oars longer, they save friendships as well.

Oar shaft extender for composite Cataract Oars SGG SGX X Wound shafts

Oar extensions offer some wonderful versatility, allowing you to row a variety of boat sizes with the same pair of Cataract Oars. Pop them on where the oar blade would otherwise attach, and then pop the blade onto the extension.

Not a permanent oar solution.

Cataract Oars extensions are intended for those situations in which you temporarily find yourself rowing a larger raft or driftboat. Or, allowing a larger person to row your oars. Someone who prefers a longer sweep. In any case, if you find yourself consistently needing to extend your oars, sell them and buy the correct size.

Cataract Oars extensions are available in yellow, blue and black. Other colors available upon request.

Cataract Oars SGG composite oars are currently available in seven colors. SGX oars are available in blue only. SGX oars are available in black only. So, if you're rowing yellow SGGs, or if you're rowing the SGX or X-Wound oars, you're set. If you're rowing SGG oars that are any color other that yellow, you may want to request a matching color of oar extensions.