Do Cataract oars float?Cataract Oars oar tether in use on the river

Yes, our non-balanced oars float. Our balanced oars do not, because they have a four-pound weight in the handle. That four-pound weight allows you to row all day with less muscle fatigue and more oar responsiveness. We think that the payoff in labor savings is worth it, if counterbalanced oars are your thing.

On the buoyancy or lack thereof of Cataract Oars oar blades.

Our Cataract blades have earned the sobrioquet "floater" for their extraordinary buoyancy. Or Magnum II oar blades float, though they do not bob as vigorously as the Cataract. Likewise, our Razor oar blades will stay on the surface of the water.

The oar-saving solution: oar tethers.

Cataract Oars strongly recommends tethering your oars with our oar tethers. In any and all cases. That way, your investment is well protected.