The ultimate guide paddle. From Cataract Oars.

Shred roiling whitewater with the tough, dependable and comfortable Navigator Guide Paddle. Glory in its balanced weight. Marvel at its insane strength and resilience. Be amazed at its perfect flexion as it responds to your thrust, transferring force efficiently to move massive amounts of water. Its carbon hybrid shaft is maximized to maintain bending strength through the longest stretches, and its fiberglass polymer blade loves nothing more than displacing H2O by the boatload.cataract oars navigator guide paddle

The Navigator Guide Paddle is made to the same demanding specifications as the rest of our whitewater gear.

At Cataract Oars, we engineer durability and we build in quality. We made this guide paddle to take a pounding because we know that our customers don't mess around. Your journey into big water will bring on the strain. The Navigator Guide Paddle can handle it. This is a paddle for those of you who know exactly where you’re going, and who refuse to take a single shortcut along the way. The filament wound carbon and fiberglass shaft is 1.20" OD, with toughened urethane clear-coat finish over its cornflower blue composite material. Its ebony T-grip handle is molded from high-grade polypropylene that will be kind yet firm to your white-knuckle death grip. The Navigator Guide Paddle features a jet-black, twenty-one inch compression molded blade constructed of oriented fiberglass cloth laminate with polymer resin matrix. The Navigator Guide Paddle is available in four standard lengths (60", 64", 66" and 72"). as well as custom lengths upon request. It weighs in at thirty-eight ounces for the 66" length.