How to know if a set of Mini Magnums is better for me than the SGG, SGX or X-Wound Oars?Fly-fishing-under-rainbow-in-cataraft-with-Cataract-Oars-Mini-Magnum-oars

Our Mini Magnum oars are nice. They take up less space than our larger oars, expecially if you get the two-piece, which breaks down to a measly four feet long. Or less, depending on your specifications. All of which can make the Mini Magnum oar a tempting option. However, the Mini Magnum oar is designed for kickboating or light driftboating in relatively calm water.

For most uses, go with the SGG, SGX or X-Wound oar.Water-By-Nature-river-guide-on-whitewater-river-rafting-trip-with-Cataract-Oars-filament-wound-composite-oars

If you are encountering whitewater of any significance, the Mini Magnum won't be burly enough. Likewise, if you are rowing a larger craft, you'll want the larger oars to drive it through the water. 

Two-piece SGG, SGX or X-Wound oars?!?!

Absolutely. If space is your biggest issue, we will, for a small fee of $50.00 per oar, create a two-piece shaft that functions in the same way a two-piece Mini-Magnum oar does. That is, an inner sleeve allows the shaft to slide together or apart with a push-button to secure it.