Black plastic oar stop for Cataract Oars composite oar shaftsThe oar stop that clamps.

Molded of durable plastic, this black oar stop clamps into place with two bolts.

Two pieces for easy installation on the oar shaft.

Just loosen the bolts and slide the stop into place. Cinch it down and you're good to go.

Works on all SGG, SGX and X-Wound composite oars, rope wrapped or not.

This plastic oar stop will expand to fit a rope wrap, or contract to fit a bare oar shaft snugly. Whether your oars are wrapped or not, you can enjoy the enhanced stability of an oar stop that seats against your oar lock and prevents shaft slippage through the lock.

What if I don't want to clamp the oar stop on unwrapped oars?

You want an oar stop on your SGG, SGX or X-Wound composite oars, yet you don't want to chafe the oar finish by clamping the stop directly on the oar shaft. Lets say that you also prefer not to get your oars rope-wrapped, which would actually be our first recommendation. Fine. Buy two of our plastic oar sleeves made to fit the SGG, SGX and X-Wound oars, install them on your oar shafts, and cinch these oar stops over the sleeves. You're ready to row!