Can I cut my Cataract Oars composite oar shafts?

We get it: you purchase the eleven-foot SGX oars and then downsize to a smaller boat. You've got a saw and know how to use it. You're so, so tempted to start sawing away at that oar shaft. But is it a good idea?

Don't do it! Don't cut that shaft!

In a word, no. Put down the saw and back away from the shaft. Call the Cataract Oars hotline and we will talk you through your crisis. In all seriousness, though, we've known many a river rat who took it on themselves to cut their oar shafts down to size. Did it work out for them? We don't know.Neil-Nikirk-and-Lacey-Anderson-take-Cataract-Oars-on-river-rafting-expedition

Cutting your oar shaft voids the Cataract Oars warranty.

If you cut your oar shaft, your warranty is gone. Poof. Which is why we advise, strongly, against such vigilante action.

Alternatives to cutting a Cataract Oars shaft?

If possible, sell your oars and purchase new ones that are the proper dimensions for your new setup. Trade with a friend. Give us a call to talk it through (801-467-1204).