cataract-oars-counterbalance-sleeve-for-retrofitting-oar-shaftsGive your Cataract Oars even more versatility.

If you're wishing your oars were counterbalanced, but don't want to invest in a new set, presto! your wish is granted. These counterbalance sleeves will retrofit any existing Cataract Oars shaft to be counter-weighted for easier rowing. What's more, you can adjust the position of these beauties on the oar shaft. Slide 'em up, closer to the handle, and you get a greater moment of inertia for more kinetic intervention. In otherwords, more counter to your balance. Slide 'em down, nearer the gunwale, and you decrease your moment of inertia. Different people have different heights, different rowing styles, and different levels of upper body strength—hence, different optimal moments of inertia for their oar counterbalances. With the Cataract Oars Counterbalance Sleeves, every rower can discover her or his ideal counterbalance placement for a customized rowing experience.


Listed price is $79.95 for a set of 2 counterbalance sleeves.