Fisherman and Hyde drift boat at rest with black Cataract Oars carbon fiber X Wound oars during fly fishing river tripDrift boat fishermen and women love Cataract Oars!

Drift boats open up a whole new fishing world. Where others are limited to those parts of the river that they can drive or hike to, you, the drift boat fisherperson, can row to your special remote fishing spot. Provided you've got a good drift boat and a solid pair of oars, that is. You want a set of oars that will withstand the toughest strains and last for years and years. Not only that, but you want oars that flex in just the right way to allow you to get the most out of each stroke. That way, you arrive at your prime fishing hole with plenty of energy to reel in that big one!

Cataract Oars and drift boats are made for one another.

Cataract Oars SGG, SGX and X-Wound oars are the oars of choice for fly fishermen and women who love to fish from drift boats. Whether you're rowing a Hyde drift boat, Clackacraft drift boat, RiverWolf drift boat, or any other make of drift boat, you'll appreciate the solid performance of Cataract Oars. fly fishing from hyde drift boat with cataract oars x wound composite oars

Pairing Cataract Oars with drift boats.

You can't go wrong with any of our oars when choosing the right setup for your drift boat. Our SGG oars, SGX oars and X-Wound oars all work beautifully to drive your rig through the water. If you like a bit more flex, our SGG and X-Wound oars a good bet. If you like to row a stiffer oar, or if your drift boat is on the larger side our SGX oar is the ticket.Two fishermen fly fishing from a Clackacraft drift boat while rowing a pair of black X Wound carbon fiber oars made in the USA by Cataract Oars

Take time to choose the proper oar setup for your drift boat.

You should never outfit your drift boat without some serious thought and investigation into proper oar length, weight, and mounting. You'll want a pair of oars that work with your physique. Perhaps more importantly, however, you'll need to match them to the beam with of your drift boat. After all, your drift boat investment should bring years of rowing pleasure, not frustration, and doing your research ahead of time will get you started right.

Fly fishing on a river with red Cataract Oars SGG oars and a Hyde drift boat

In what water conditions will you be rowing your drift boat?

Are you going to be fishing placid waters or rough? Will you need to navigate whitewater rapids to reach your destination? If so, you may, for example, want our SGX oar shaft paired with our Magnum II blade. Are you taking a light drift boat through mellow waters? You may find our Razor oar blade works wonders with its thinner profile.Fly fishing from Clackacraft drift boat with Cataract Oars X Wound composite oar shafts and Magnum II oar blades

Drift boats and the question of counterbalanced oars.

Another choice when purchasing oars for your drift boat: should choose your Cataract Oars with or without the counterbalance option? Counterbalanced oars are a matter of preference; some fly fishers wouldn't row without the counterbalance, while other rowers prefer the natural weight of the oar. If you are unsure, you can always opt for our H2O counterbalance system, which provides you with interchangable oar handles: one set counterbalanced and one set regular. Likewise, you can try our removable counterbalance oar sleeves, shown below.Hyde driftboat floating on the river with counterbalanced Cataract Oars carbon fiberglass SGX oars fitted with Magnum II oar blades