Injection molded oar blades for high whitewater adventure.Whitewater rafting with red SGG composite oars made in Salt Lake City Utah by Cataract Oars

Cataract Oars molds all of our blade models of high-density structural urethane. These oar blades are built to take a beating. And why not? We're pairing them with the most robust oar shafts on the market—they'd better keep up. And they do. Every blade is built with pocketed grooves on the shaft insert. These serve a triple purpose: they allow us to shave off a bit of weight, they allow an escape for river grit (instead of grinding about between shaft and insert), and they make for easier blade installation and removal. All Cataract oar blades sport an o-ring on the insert for a snug fit into the shaft. And, since all of our blades feature Cataract Oars' convenient push-button, no tools are needed for blade interchangeability. On the go, on the river, you can easily swap oar blades, shafts and whatnot, giving you endless possibilities. Need the Magnum II blades on your X-Wound shafts for that rough stretch of rapids? Change 'em in seconds. Want to put the Razor blades on your SGG shafts for a day of drift boat fishing? Done.

The Cutthroat shallow water drift boat blade. Perfect for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Cutthroat oar blade for drift boat fishing and shallow water rowing made in the USA by Cataract Oars

The long-awaited shallow water drift boat blade from Cataract Oars. The Cutthroat blade's asymmetric profile places more of the blade below the surface in low water conditions. With so much blade submerged, you've got something you can really pull on. 

Cataract Oars Cutthroat blade for shallow water rowing on SGG composite oar shaft

Greater control for shallow-water drift boat fishing.

The Cutthroat oar blade lets you say goodbye to those short, choppy strokes. No more scraping away at gravel bars with your blade tips. No more tickling the riverbed. We gave the Cutthroat blade its scooped shape so that you can avoid such annoyances and concentrate on your primary purpose: catching fish.Cataract Oars Cutthroat shallow water oar blade compared against Magnum whitewater blade

Greater submerged oar blade surface area allows for maximum propulsion in low water conditions. This translates into you controlling your drift boat with a lot less effort. With the Cutthroat shallow water blade, you'll be able to put your drift boat exactly where you want it. And keep it there!


The Cataract oar blade. Built for whitewater.Cataract oar blade for Cataract Oars SGG SGX or X Wound composite oar shafts

This is the original Cataract Oars blade offering. It remains a fixture for rowers who value durability combined with enhanced buoyancy. While all of our oar blades float, none bob so vigorously as the Cataract. Hence the blade's sobrioquet: "floater." Cataract Oars offers an optional tip protector to envelop the Cataract's lower extremity in a rugged sheath of dip-molded rubber.


The Cataract Oar blade, with rubberized tip protector.

Cataract oar blade with rubber tip protector for Cataract Oars SGG SGX or X Wound composite oar shafts

This blade is already sturdy as heck, but with the tip protector added, it's almost indestructible. The Cataract oar blade measures 6 1/4" in width.

The Magnum II whitewater oar blade.

cataract oars urethane magnum ii blade with composite core

The most popular oar blade sold by Cataract Oars, the Magnum II features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. This combination lends moderate flex and unparalleled strength to the blade. With 7" of width, it displaces a lot of water. You'll feel it, too, when you surge forward every time you give it a good heave on the river.Cataract Oars Magnum oar blade hovers over the river

The Razor drift boat oar blade.

carbon fiber razor oar blade from cataract oars of salt lake city utah usa

The newest addition to the Cataract Oars blade lineup. The Razor features a thin profile for slicing through the water with ease. Its reaction injection molded urethane core is wrapped with a compression molded carbon fiber 2-ply twill for even greater strength. The Razor has a urethane edge protector to guard against rock chips and damage. And the Razor is light, weighing only 2.5 pounds. For the drift boat aficionado, kick boater or light rafting enthusiast, the Razor can't be beat. Note that the Razor is designed for fishing and deepwater rowing and is not suitable for whitewater of any significance.