Lighter, better, stronger, faster. The X-Wound carbon oar.Rowing X Wound carbon composite oars on Tatshenshini river rafting expedition

You'd have to be daft not to appreciate the wickedly lightweight and responsive X-Wound oar from Cataract Oars. Designed to perform similarly to our SGG oar, with about the same flex and rebound, the X-Wound weighs half a pound less than the SGG. We shaved off that half pound by using an all-carbon exterior layer on the oar shaft. Unless you possess a high degree of strength and stamina, your muscles will thank you for the lighter X-Wound on those long river rowing trips. If you don't use the X-Wound, that half pound difference will feel like it's worth an equivalent quantity of gold when fatigue envelops you like a suffocating fog. Or, if that sounds overdramatized, how about this: you might just prefer to row a lighter oar because it feels good. In any event, go ahead and treat yourself to the carbon fiber composite X-Wound oar from Cataract Oars.

Black (carbon) oar magic for an amazing whitewater experience.

Shonti Breisch rows Cataract Oars X Wound oars on the San Juan River in southern Utah

X-Wound oar shafts are black. You're seeing the natural color and look of the ebony graphite matrix. With, of course, our special marine urethane over it. But don't be deceived; X-Wound oars are anything but dull. When you feel the X-Wound engage the water, surging and responding in your hands, you'll wonder what sorcery we at Cataract Oars have wrought. Relax, it's only the wizardry of modern material science and engineering. Though it may seem supernatural, the performance of the X-Wound oar is based on good old everyday physics. Carbon fiber, especially when filament wound, possesses far more strength and tenacity than almost anything else. At a fraction of the weight. For example, this video from the Lotus F1 Test Facility provides a nice demonstration of carbon's superiority to steel, while this Santa Cruz Test Lab video compares it to aluminum. Spoiler alert: carbon wins. In both cases.Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River with Cataract Oars

It's about the adventure of rivers and rowing, of whitewater and fly fishing and getting to remote places.

When you're whitewater rafting, rowing a driftboat, or otherwise enjoying some stretch of river, the last thing you want to pay attention to is your equipment. Which is why you'll appreciate the effortless feel of our X-Wound oars. As you gaze in awe at the scenery of the world's rivers, you may just forget that you're paddling. That's how well these sticks perform.justin-bailie-photo-cataract-oars-river-rafting-expedition-on-tatshenshini-river

Choosing the right X-Wound oar setup.

The carbon fiber shaft of the X-Wound has a diameter of 1 7/8" alone and 2 1/4" with the optional rope wrap. We can fit it with any of our four oar handle options: rubber composite, alder, counterweighted handle and H2O interchangeable counterbalance system. The X-Wound shaft can be paired with any of our oar blade offerings: Magnum II, Cataract and Razor. We sell the X-Wound in six standard lengths: 8', 8.5', 9', 9.5', 10' and 11' (remember, these lengths reference the entire assembled oar including handle, shaft and blade). We make custom lengths upon request.

The two-piece X-Wound oar shaft option.

For the right price ($60 extra), Cataract Oars will make your X-Wound oars in a breakdown configuration. For storage/portability, you've got half the length. On the river, snap 'em together and you're off.

  • Colors



  • Lengths

    Standard Lengths*







    Custom lengths available upon request

    *Note that our listed lengths reflect the complete length of the assembled oar. To estimate the length of the shaft, subtract 27" from the length given.

  • Blades

    The Cataract

    Cataract oar blade for Cataract Oars SGG SGX or X Wound composite oar shafts

    The Cataract, with tip protector

    Cataract oar blade with rubber tip protector for Cataract Oars SGG SGX or X Wound composite oar shafts

    The Magnum II

    cataract oars urethane magnum ii blade with composite core

    The Razor

    carbon fiber razor oar blade from cataract oars of salt lake city utah usa

    The CutthroatCutthroat oar blade for drift boat fishing and shallow water rowing made in the USA by Cataract Oars

  • Handles

    Rubber Composite Unweighted


    Rubber Composite Counterbalanced (4 lbs.)


    Wood (Alder)


    H2O Counterbalance System